どおぞ よろしく~

When KPOP artists discover Asianfanfics

Minho: Oh my gosh Taemin cover your eyes!
Onew: Wait why am I always fucking a chicken?
Key: So I'm always the diva who loves to nag around. Great.
Jonghyun: Why am I always the one having sex with Key all the time?
Taemin: Minho hyung stop covering my eyes, I'm legal!
Sunggyu: Why are my eyes always the issue here? And I'm doing what with Woohyun?!
Dongwoo: Why am I always the stupid member?
Hoya: I have this love for Barney because it's purple? What?
Woohyun: I'm the playboy. Again.
Myungsoo: I'm the cold kingka who is blunt around girls. Wow.
Sungjong: Why am I always the gay one?
Sungyeol: Why should I be the one always falling for Myungsoo?
L.Joe: Why am I always the cold gangster who always falls for geeky girls?
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