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[TWITTER] 140724 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: Bye to YeonSoo noona


Spent a good time with everyone before sending off YeonSoo noona to the US.
Instead of thinking about the result or process, I am glad that I’ve met great people because of this work.
Last 2 episodes of the drama!
I ask for your support~



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[NEWS] 140726 Chinese netizens choose TVXQ's best song as "Mirotic"


[NEWS] 140726 Chinese netizens choose TVXQ’s best song as “Mirotic”

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 06.46.40

Chinese netizens have chosen “Mirotic” as the best song out of TVXQ’s songs.

Through the official Weibo account of China Jiangsu satellite TV variety programme “Best Group (最强天团)”, a survey titled “What is your…

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why does kyungsoo looks like he’s the main lead’s secret boyfriend in this teaser photo for their drama
and the drama title doesn’t help either

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