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there are very pleasantly interesting things going on in “DEAR J“‘s arrangement. Like Jaejoong’s vocals — those “vocal curls” (if you can call them that) at the chorus gave me goosebumps and they’re an appropriate contrast to all the straight, screaming notes that come before it. One minute he’s screaming in high ranges and the next he’s doing gymnastics in a comfortable range — this polarity pushes Jaejoong’s vocal technique, in turn showing off Jaejoong’s abilities and that legendary flexibility of his. It also makes the melody more dynamic and, well, melodic because it makes use of different ranges and the emphasis is not solely on the high notes.

pop reviews now (29/7/2014, x)

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I know Yoochun is not a flower grown in green house. He earned his independence through hardships

 - Kim Yun Suk (via jyjfromdbskyoona)

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Here are some ways international fans can help JYJ for their comeback:

1. Use hashtags on twitter. The guidelines are as follows

Tweet and for JYJ to be able to appear on TV! Every tweets with hashtags need to be retweeted 10times(=1point)


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